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Hybrid oltp & olap high performance database system

Physical Sciences, IT und Kommunikation

  • simultaneous OLAP-transactions and OLTP-queries
  • arbitrarily current and consistent snapshots of OLTP data
  • Guarantees the ACID properties

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Dr. Robert Phelps

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Online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) present ­different challenges for database architectures. Currently, customers with high rates of mission-­critical transactions have split their data into two separate systems, one database for OLTP and one so-called data warehouse for OLAP. While allowing for decent transaction rates, this ­separation has many disadvantages including data freshness issues due to the delay caused by only periodically initiating the Extract, Transform, Load-data staging and excessive resource consumption due to maintaining two separate information systems.


We offer an efficient hybrid system, called HyPer, that can handle both OLTP and OLAP simultaneously by using hardware-assisted replication mechanisms to maintain consistent snapshots of the transactional data. It is a main-memory database system that guarantees the ACID properties of OLTP transactions and executes OLAP query sessions (multiple queries) on the same, arbitrarily current and consistent snapshot

Kommerzielle Möglichkeiten

The invention provides a main-memory database system that

  • processes OLTP transactions at rates of tens of thousands per second, and, at the same time,
  • processes OLAP queries on up-to-date snapshots of the transactional data
  • guarantees the ACID properties
  • creates transaction consistent backup archives of the entire database on non-volatile storage.


The two most prominent benchmarks for OLTP (TPC-C) and for OLAP (TPC-H) run in parallel on a single HyPer installation and produce unprecedented performance.


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