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Mobile Rope Clamp

Physical Sciences, Maschinenbau

  • Rope guide directly on the body
  • Left handed and right handed rope guide
  • Physical relief of the sailor

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Thomas Hummel

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In sailing sports guiding and fixation of the ropes is realized through several clamps usuallyfixed in the middle of the boat. The sailor has to move to the clamp to fix and guide the ropewith the aim to adjust the sails to the wind. This movement includes physical effort, disturbsthe shift of emphasis and therefore leads to a reduction of boat speed. In special positions,e.g. ‘hiking out’, the reachability of the clamps is no longer given. Therefore, the sailor fixes therope by holding it with his hands to avoid the loss of boat speed. This results in an enormousphysical stress. Even worse, open wounds and chronic joint damages are common injuries


According to the present invention, the clamp device can be fixed directly on the belt of the sailor and thus, offers a supplement to the clamps fixed on the boat. The mobile rope clamp gives the possibility of rope guiding and of rope fixation in any position of the sailor on the boat. The switch between these both functions, fixation and guiding the rope, can be realized through small hand movements. The rope clamp is designed symmetrically and can therefore be used with the left and the right hand and in both driving directions. This offers an additional relief of the hands burden. The open design allows a quick unfasten of the clamp and release of the rope in emergency situations to provide safety.

Kommerzielle Möglichkeiten

The mobile rope clamp finds its application both in regatta- and leisure sailing sports. As the clamp is no longer location-related, but sailor-related, the sailor can maneuver the ropes from all positions. This saves time and maintains boat speed. In addition, it is possible for the sailor to use his energy much more efficiently, as the clamp relieves the arm-, torso- and thighs muscles. Furthermore, the clamp prevents acute injuries as well as chronic handicaps.

The clamp also enables a sailor to sail alone on a multi-man boat, as the steering wheel does not have to be left to operate the ropes.


A functioning prototype has been produced and tested.


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