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Shape matters – Innovative sealing cuff for endotracheal intubation

Life Sciences, Medical Devices

  • Innovative sealing cuff prevents microaspiration
  • Dynamically adapts to the surrounding structure and minimizes tissue damage
  • Cost-effective production

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Dr. Katrin Bercht

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Endotracheal intubation is the gold standard for securing the airway of ventilated patients. Complications that can occur, especially in intensive care units during long-term ventilation, include tracheal trauma and life-threatening ventilator-associated pneumonias (“VAPs”). The latter are mainly caused by aspiration of bacteria-laden secretions, which can leak past the endotracheal tube into the lungs. High volume/low pressure sealing cuffs are prone to the formation of longitudinal folds along the mucosal membrane, which promote microaspiration of subglottic secretions. On the other hand, cuffs with ultrathin walls can prevent such liquid aspirations but are more expensive to manufacture and the material used (polyurethane) is permeable to water that may accumulate within the cuffs over time.


We present a specially shaped sealing cuff for endotracheal tubes. The innovative design comprising a toroidal component combined with a barbell-shaped body provides the formation of radial folds which prevent microaspiration of bacteria-laden secretions. The cuff dynamically adapts to the shape of the surrounding mucosal structure and minimizes tissue damage. Since there are no specific requirements for the material to be used, the cuff can be manufactured rather cost-efficiently.

Kommerzielle Möglichkeiten

  • Innovative sealing cuff shape minimizes the risk of microaspiration during long term ventilation
  • The shape of the cuff dynamically adapts to the adjacent tissue, preventing it from damage.
  • Cost-efficient production


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