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BayPAT out-licenses three novel radioligands to Scintomics

Dec 7, 2017

Munich, Germany, December 7, 2017 – BayPAT, service provider offering services in the area of technology transfer, IP management and commercialization, today announced that Scintomics and BayPAT have entered a triple deal, comprising three license agreements in the field of radiopharmaceuticals. The novel radioligands, also called radiopharmaceuticals, were exclusively out-licensed to Scintomics and are based on technologies derived from the Technical University of Munich.

Subject to the first license deal are innovative prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-ligands for imaging of prostate cancer. PSMA, a transmembrane glycoprotein, virtually expressed by all prostate cancers, is an interesting and highly promising molecular target for diagnosis and therapy. As the localization and the reliable determination of the extent of newly diagnosed, metastasized or recurrent prostate cancer is challenging with conventional imaging methods like computer tomography or nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine has pushed innovative strategies that aim to use radiolabeled PSMA-targeted radiopharmaceuticals for non-invasive detection and radiotherapy of prostate cancer. The outlicensed technology represents a groundbreaking new concept for the next generation of PSMA-ligands: similar to the plug-in hybrids in the automotive industry, the newly developed PSMA radiopharmaceuticals are members of a unique radiohybrid platform and as such are optionally ´charged´ at one of two inherently available radioisotope binding sites, allowing physicians to optimally adapt this technology to the local and specific clinical environment and clinical questions to be addressed. This is an enormous advantage, as the different radiopharmaceuticals currently employed make a head-to-head comparison of clinical data challenging or even impossible. As monozygotic chemical twins, the newly developed PSMA-twin radiopharmaceuticals, even when they are charged by different radioisotopes, show identical in vivo characteristics and thus can be used world-wide by using locally available radioisotopes of choice. In addition, experience and knowledge gathered with one of the twins may directly be transferred to the other twin, which extremely facilitates the introduction of this technology, even in countries with less developed nuclear medicine infrastructure. Scintomics plans to push the novel PSMA-tracer towards clinical approval.

Beyond the potential ‘gold nugget’ PSMA-tracer-technology, two CXCR4-radioligands were out-licensed to Scintomics. CXCR4 is a promising diagnostic and therapeutic target for lymphoproliferative and cardiovascular diseases. With Pentixather and Pentixafor, Scintomics already has two powerful CXCR4-targeted probes for endotherapeutic and PET-imaging purposes. The novel CXCR4-tracers are considered to be the next generation of CXCR4-radioligands and can be applied for therapy and diagnostic.

“This triple-deal and following systematic in-licensing deals will enormously strengthen Scintomics´s positioning in the Radiopharmaceutical Business, a process we have already initiated with Pentixafor and Pentixather”, Saskia Kropf, Scintomic’s Chief Executive Officer said. ‘We are very happy that BayPAT continues to help filling Scintomic’s innovative product pipeline by providing access to the IP of three very promising next generation tracers in the area of radiopharmacy’, added Dr. Robert Phelps, BayPAT’s Chief Executive Officer.

Notes to Editors

About BayPAT

The Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH (BayPAT) was founded in 2007 by the Universities of Bavaria e.V. and the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences e.V. as the central patent and marketing agency to foster technology transfer of Bavarian Universities, University Hospitals and Universities of Applied Sciences and is responsible for 33 research institutes. Under the umbrella of the Bavarian Research and Innovation Agency (BayFIA), BayPAT ( is a full-service technology management provider offering services in the area of technology transfer, IP management and commercialization. Key clients are the Bavarian Universities, University Hospitals and Universities of Applied Sciences and its over 25.000 associated scientists, as well as non-university research institutes, industry, and independent inventors worldwide. Main focus in assessing and exploiting IP are the areas of biotechnology, chemistry, medical engineering, physics, automotive industry, energy and environment engineering, information and communication technology as well as mechanical engineering.

About Scintomics

Scintomics was founded in 2006 and initially focused its business on the development and production of fully automated devices for GMP production of radiopharmaceuticals at hospitals and clinical sites. As part of Scintomics natural expansion in providing fully integrated radiopharmaceutical service, Scintomics has made itself a name worldwide as a highly specialized company for innovative and unique nuclear medicine tracer technology, both for imaging and therapy. On the road to continued expansion, Scintomics considers the Radiohybrid Tracer platform as an important milestone in its strategic position as one of the "global players" in the radiopharmaceutical business. Although the path through successful clinical studies is not an easy one, the rapid approval of the first Radiohybrid, a rhPSMA tracer, will have highest priority for Scintomics.


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