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Jun 4, 2019

Breathable, ultra-lightweight ­electroconductive foams

Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Automotive, Electrical Engineering, Material

  • Flexible, breathable foams with high electro-conductivity
  • Simple, scalable metallization process (using e.g. copper or silver)
  • Fast heating capacity

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Foams have a wide range of established applications, for example in building, automotive, air-filtration, upholstering and acoustic and thermal insulation.

Adding a new material property like electric conductivity to foams opens up exciting ­technical possibilities. However, existing metallization methods have so far proven laborious and complex, and often failed to yield homogenous functionalization. The challenge therefore is to develop a simple, efficient method scalable to industrial application.


The present innovation, developed at the University of Bayreuth, includes a simple and ­easily scalable chemical process. Using e.g. copper or silver, a homogeneous, metallized foam ­material is produced, thereby combining the advantages of both foams and metals.

Three-dimensional substrates in all shapes and sizes are amenable to the technique. The ­innovative foams show very good electric conductivities of up to 24’000 S/m and an electrical resistivity up to 10 A.

Advantages of the new high-tech foams are:

  • Simple, scalable metallization process using finished foam materials
  • high electric conductivity
  • open-cell structure, breathability & very low weight
  • heat emission at current flow
  • water repellency & antimicrobial properties
  • thermal and acoustic insulation

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Development Status

Proof-of-concept. Ready to use.


  • Reference

    DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201502636

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