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Apr 4, 2023

Contactless measure and visualize planar vibrations

Physical Sciences, Measurement Technology

  • Multi-material suitable: even for sandwich- and composite, capable for natural materials, plastic and all kinds of metals.
  • Performs complex analyses and inspection tasks or non-destructive in-line quality testing.
  • Standard microphones with simple callibration process - intuitive handling.
  • The variable evaluation enables easy-to-understand graphical illustrations.

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Stephan Ottmar

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The two-dimensional measurement of vibrations on components is complex. Laser vibrometers measure only in the focal point of a laser beam. The measurement of a planar surface vibration can only be performed using several measuring heads or via scanning processes. Acceleration sensors only allow point measurements and influence the vibration behavior due to their own weight, since they sit on the object to be measured.


A planar vibration analysis, especially of non-repetitive events, is difficult to display with conventional measurement technology. The patent-pending system uses the speed of sound to calculate a two-dimensional data set of the sound wave propagation in a vibrating component or in a group of components. The measurement is carried out with the aid of microphone pairs. These record the sound velocity and accurately calculate the geometric deflection of the vibrating surface based on their position. Reliable measurement of large-scale components seems possible.

Commercial Opportunities

Contactless measure and visualize planar vibrations

Development Status

Technology Readiness Level 4.5


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