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May 13, 2019

X-Ray plus optical data: Apparatus and method for augmented visualization

Life Sciences, Medical Devices

  • Combined x-ray and optical imaging
  • Improved image quality
  • Large working space for surgeons

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Dr. Bettina Baumeister

+49 (0) 89 5480177 - 32
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For medical purposes it is often useful to combine X-ray images with a correponding video image. Thus, features revealed by the X-ray and their relation to the surface features can be visualized. This is usually realized by deflecting a portion of the optical image by an X-ray ­transparent mirror. All established techniques have the disadvantage that due to this mirror the working space is extremely small as it is reduced to the space below the X-ray source. This is particularly significant when employed in an operating room because of the resulting ­reduction of the space for movement for the surgeons.


The innovation provides a novel apparatus and method for the combination of X-ray and optical data without any mirror. A camera setup positioned adjacent to the X-ray source or the X-ray detector and a control device are the main parts of the apparatus. The control device is adapted to calculate an optical image from the data delivered by the camera setup and to superimpose the X-ray and the optical image. Moreover, the invention comprises the feature of combining two optical or 3D cameras so that viewpoints with different angles can be used. The result is a further augmentation of the image quality.

Commercial Opportunities

Improved image quality, large working space.

Development Status

Proof of concept


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