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Improved quality in manual shielded metal arc welding

Physical Sciences, Messtechnik

  • Real-time analysis of the t8/5 time within the different types of electric arc welding
  • Possibility of giving direct feedback to the user (by vibration and other types of signals)
  • Increasing quality of the welded joint with optional digital video- documentation
  • High quality results even for less experienced welders

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The applied energy plays a decisive role for the strength of the joint. Data sheets or preliminary tests provide information on the distance energy to be applied and the matching t8/5 time. Geometry, dimensions and temperature of the workpiece require defined adjustments to the welding speed so that the quality of the joint remains constant over the length of the weld. Previous measurement methods did not provide practicable solutions for everyday use.


The combination of two different types of cameras provides detailed information about the quality of the welded joint. The thermal camera system tracks points in the center of the weld and records the cooling as a function of disctance. An optical camera uses "landmarks" in the area surrounding the weld to track the movement of the handpiece over the workpiece and measures the velocity in the weld spot. A feedback loop informs the worker about the current speed. This loop has not yet been implemented in the system.

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Technology Readiness Level 4: Technology validated in lab.


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