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  • Efficacy boost for dendritic cell therapies


    Efficacy boost for dendritic cell therapies

    • Method to increase efficacy of existing DC-based cell therapies
    • Enzymatic treatment improves T-cell priming capacity up to 10-fold
    • Results in strong proliferation of tumor-killing T-cells
  • Novel tool for the early diagnosis of sepsis


    Novel tool for the early diagnosis of sepsis

    • Diagnostic test for patients with suspected sepsis
    • Easy and broadly applicable test with low amount of blood
    • Allows much earlier diagnosis than currently possible
  • Success Prediction of an Allergen- specific Immunotherapy


    Success Prediction of an Allergen- specific Immunotherapy

    • Innovative prediction method for the therapeutic success of an allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) at an early stage
    • straightforward and easy determination of the relevant parameters from nasal sample material
    • patient-friendly and economic
  • Hydrogels: Injectable Depot-Systems


    Hydrogels: Injectable Depot-Systems

    • Gelatinize by a dual mechanism based on Diels-Alder reaction and physical crosslinking
    • Stability and stiffness can be adjusted to therapeutic need
    • Hydrogels are stable, in situ forming, non-toxic and particularly suitable for controlled drug release
  • Immunotherapy for Chronic Liver Diseases


    Immunotherapy for Chronic Liver Diseases

    • Novel vaccination strategy against chronic liver diseases through stimulation of IMATEs with TLR9-L
    • IMATEs are an anatomic compartment within the liver tissue consisting of myeloid cells
    • iMATEs overcome regulatory cues that limit immune response during chronic liver infections
  • Amyloid Inhibitory Peptides for Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes


    Amyloid Inhibitory Peptides for Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes

    • macrocyclic peptides (MCIPs): novel class of nanomolar amyloid inhibitors of both Aβ40(42) and IAPP or of Aβ40(42) alone
    • candidates/leads for macrocyclic peptide‐based anti‐amyloid drugs
    • scaffolds for the design of small‐molecule peptidomimetics for targeting amyloidogenesis
  • Protein Purification/Immobilization through negPeps


    Protein Purification/Immobilization through negPeps

    • NegPeps (magnetic particle binding peptides) are novel peptides with the potential to replace the common affinity tags based protein purification/immobilization
    • NegPeps bind to magnetic nanoparticles in a reversible and controlled manner
    • No specific surface functionalization necessary
  • NF-κB-activated dendritic cells


    NF-κB-activated dendritic cells

    • that has very little adverse effects and overcomes the limitations of DC based immunotherapy approaches
    • DCs activation is mediated by via mRNA transfection
    • Activated DCs lead to strong expansion of memory T cells and are much more stable than other DC vaccination products
  • Urinary marker for bladder cancer detection


    Urinary marker for bladder cancer detection

    • The focal adhesion protein LASP-1 is a novel and simply detectable marker for urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (UCB)
    • LASP-1 overcomes the limitation of currently used cystoscopy and urine cytology for diagnosis of UCB
    • LASP-1 is detected in voided urine sediment of bladder cancer patients and is combinable with a second marker to further raise specificity/sensitivity
  • Needle assembly for relieving a pneumothorax


    Needle assembly for relieving a pneumothorax

    • Fast and easy to use medical device for relieving a Pneumothorax
    • Enables safe patient transport
    • Prevents serious inadvertent injuries
  • Glyko-engineered interleukin-4 based antagonists


    Glyko-engineered interleukin-4 based antagonists

    • New strategy for the generation of a novel IL4-based IL4/IL13-Inhibitor
    • Innovative application of N-glycan structures for development of receptor antagonists
    • Applicable for following areas: atopic dermatitis, allergy and allergic asthma
  • Improving stability and secretion of ­antibodies


    Improving stability and secretion of ­antibodies

    • Improvement of the biophysical properties of antibodies and enhancement of antibody secretion by imitating the stabilizing structural elements of shark antibodies
    • CL domain is modified by a conservative exchange of amino acids at two positions
    • Compared to the wild type CL, the melting point of the modified CL domain is almost 10°C higher and its stability against urea-induced denaturation is also markedly increased
  • New Catalyst System for High ­Performance Polymers

    B75246 | B74151 | B76002 | B76107 | B76177

    New Catalyst System for High ­Performance Polymers

    • Superior method for the polymerization of Michael-type based monomers
    • New versatile catalyst system
    • Cheaper, fasterand greener process
  • A convertible multi-purpose bioreactor


    A convertible multi-purpose bioreactor

    • Convertible multi-purpose bioreactor provides 4in1 combination of different types of bioreactosr:
    • stirred-tank bioreactor
    • gas-lift bioreactor
    • packed-bed biofilm reactor
    • trickling filter biofilm reactor
  • Mobilizing brown fat thermogenesis


    Mobilizing brown fat thermogenesis

    • Secretin promotes energy expenditure
    • Secretin-activated brown fat promotes satiation
    • Treatment option for obese and diabetes patients
  • Cannula for ocular micro-injection


    Cannula for ocular micro-injection

    • ‍Intra- and sub-retinal targeted administration of drugs
    • Easy and highly precise targeting
    • Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Small molecule hdac6 inhibitors


    Small molecule hdac6 inhibitors

    • Cancer cells use an extracellular citrate supply as an important energy source and substrate for the synthesis of critical cellular building blocks (e.g. fatty acids).
    • A highly specialized plasma membrane protein (pmCiC, plasma membrane citrate carrier) was found to be responsible for citrate uptake in cancer cells
    • pmCiC is a novel and specific marker and therapeutic target for cancer cells
  • Small molecule inhibitors of cd40-traf6 ­interactions


    Small molecule inhibitors of cd40-traf6 ­interactions

    • New selective inhibitors for treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as atherosclerosis, obesity and multiple sclerosis.
    • Inhibitors selectively block CD40-TRAF6 interactions
    • The selective blockage of the CD40-TRAF6 interactions strongly reduces inflammation, whereas unwanted immune-suppressive side effects are reduced
  • New drug target in Alzheimer’s disease


    New drug target in Alzheimer’s disease

    • Aη-α as a new drug target and / or diagnostic marker for Alzheimer’s disease
    • Inhibition of β-secretase leads to accumulation of Aη-α
    • Antibodies to detect η-secretase pathway peptides are available

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