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Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH

We bring new ideas to market

Expertise and experience in marketing IP

Successfully marketing intellectual property

Our expertise

We are a full-service company for commercializing innovative technologies in the fields of:


Life Sciences

Energy & Environment



IT & Communication

IP Consulting

Patents protect your invention. We establish, maintain and leverage your patent portfolio with the utmost care and help you make better, more informed decisions about what to protect, how to protect it and when to seek protection.

FTO Analysis

If you plan to develop and launch a new product, one major risk is that your commercialization may be infringing other patents, leading to long-lasting and costly litigation and eventually very expensive liability payments for damages. To assess your freedom to practice your invention, we provide a specific analysis of your product against property rights identified by professional clearance searches.

Business Development

Finding a potential partner for your invention and getting it to market poses new challenges. We provide business planning and strategy, market research, spin-off development, industry/investor relationship building, data collection and of course we will negotiate and manage your commercial deals.


The ultimate goal of our commercialization efforts is to find industry partners for your invention and take it to market or to support your idea in a spin-off of your technology. We work closely with you through the entire process. With any partner agreement, we ensure that your technology will be developed by the partner, providing a reasonable financial return to your employer and to you, as the inventor of the technology.

We protect your inventions, negotiate license contracts and acquire funding for spin-offs




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