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Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH

Marketing Intellectual Property

We link the value of intellectual property to company performance

Successfully marketing intellectual property

Between industry and innovation

We bundle the research excellence of 33 Bavarian universities, university hospitals and universities of applied sciences and research institutes. We have the findings of proprietary and licensable scientific research from life sciences and physical sciences at our disposal.

Services for a wide range of business needs

Our Services

As one of the largest tech transfer offices in Germany, we commercialize and develop innovations from 33 different research institutes. Many years of experience and excellence in patenting and licensing technologies and developing early stage innovations ensure BayPAT’s high standards. With our full-service offering, we are your partner of choice.


The crucial first step in commercializing an invention is to report it to your employer’s tech transfer office prior to any public disclosure. In collaboration with you and our patent lawyers, our team will ensure your intellectual property is protected, properly managed and ready to be commercialized.


Thanks to more than 25,000 researchers working at 33 partner research institutes, we have a broad range of technologies available for licensing. Our portfolio is offered for commercial use. Browse our large portfolio of current technology licensing opportunities.


We support start-ups who would like to develop market-ready products based on their inventions. You will receive feedback on your business ideas and models and we will provide advice on commercializing and licensing your technology.

We circle around best-in-class research institutes

The BayPAT Network

Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH (BayPAT) was founded in 2007 by Universität Bayern e.V. and Hochschule Bayern - The Universities of Applied Sciences - e.V. and continues the work of the BayernPatent project as a company owned by the universities. Linking science and industry, we have made it our goal to make the excellent proprietary inventions from Bavarian universities, their university hospitals and universities of applied sciences commercially exploitable by industry.

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BayPAT facts

  • 1,100 patents granted since 2007
  • 33 research institutes
  • 150 technology offers
  • 25,000 associated scientists


Interested? Get in touch!

Contact a specific team member for individual topics via the Team section or simply use our contact form. You can also click on the button and drop us a line.

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