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The process

Technology commercialization is the process of transforming research into products. Patent protection for your innovations lets you transfer your idea to industry via license agreements or you spin-off your own business.

  • 1 — Invention Disclosure

    Once your employer (technology transfer office) has received a complete disclosure of your invention and it has been forwarded to us, we will meet with you to discuss your ideas and any commercial applications.

  • 2 — Patent and Market Research

    We will review the competitive landscape – assessing published papers and patent applications – and evaluate the commercial potential of your invention.

  • 3 — Patent application

    If patent protection will create value, we will prepare and file a patent application together with you and an experienced patent attorney and manage the subsequent patent proceedings.

  • 4 — Marketing and Start-Ups

    We will market your invention and find an industry partner that matches your need. This will either be a company from our network / data bank or we will help you start your own business (Start-Ups).

  • 5 — Negotiation and revenue share

    We negotiate the best possible deal with the industry partner in return for a moderate revenue share or other considerations.

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