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Our goal is to ensure that your invention becomes a commercial success. To this end, we work closely with your university according to a defined process:

  • 1 — Invention Disclosure

    Did you make an invention? The first step before publishing your invention is to contact the responsible technology transfer office at your university. They will forward the invention to BayPAT for evaluation. We will then contact you to discuss details of your invention.

  • 2 — Patent and Market Research

    Based on the data in the invention disclosure, BayPAT conducts a patent search and market analysis to assess the economic potential of your invention.

  • 3 — Patent application

    If the evaluation of your invention is positive, we will prepare a comprehensive patent application, file it with the corresponding patent office and accompany the property rights procedure.

  • 4 — Marketing and Start-Ups

    In order to commercialize the invention, we use our established network to directly approach suitable licensees in various industries.

    Are you planning to establish a company on the basis of the invention? In this case, we will support you in all questions with regard to your start-up. As the responsible tech-transfer institution of your university, we are also your negotiating partner when it comes to licensing your technology. We have successfully supported numerous start-ups. With us, you have an experienced and strong partner at your side (Start-Ups).

  • 5 — Negotiation and revenue share

    For each invention we conduct negotiations with interested companies and enter into customized licensing contracts.

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