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Mar 11, 2024

Boosting sensitivity and speed for quantum sensing

Physical Sciences, Measurement Technology

  • sensitivity increase of 300-500% compared to existing methods
  • lower-power pulse laser, allowing more efficient energy utilization
  • minimal disruption to often heat sensitive biological or chemical samples
  • 10 times faster readout speed

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Dr. Robert Phelps

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The utilization of spin ensembles within solid-state matrices presents a formidable challenge due to several intricate factors. Distinguishing between spin states and the inadvertent interactions with other particles in the matrix pose significant difficulties. Furthermore, achieving accurate measurements necessitates the use of averaging to attain an adequate signal-to-noise ratio, a process that inherently limits sensitivity.


The presented invention outlines an approach aimed at achieving homogeneous control over a large surface-area spin ensemble. To facilitate rapid transition between illuminated points an optical modulator is integrated into the laser pathway. Additionally, the use of a deflected and focused laser beam enables the attainment of high light power densities within the illuminated area, while maintaining laser power uniformity. The core advantage of this innovative concept lies in its ability to uniformly control the spin ensemble across a vast surface area. This, in turn, promises precision in measurement and higher levels of resolution.

Commercial Opportunities

Enhanced sensitivity and resolution for NV-NMR applications.

Development Status

Technology validated in lab


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