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Mar 25, 2024

Grainstorm revolutionizes the ethanolic fermentation of starchy raw materials in the production of distilled spirits and simplifies starch-based fermentation

Life Sciences, Chemical Process

  • Mashing takes place at low temperatures with a dispersing device (up to 32°C)
  • No need for cooling the mash, fermentation at mashing temperature
  • Complete conversion of starch, very high yields
  • Greatly simplified process execution, significant savings in equipment and mashing time

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Mashing processes are used to break down the starch contained in the raw material into water-soluble saccharides. High temperatures accelerate the process. For this reason, all common processes heat the water-starch suspension and break down the starch into fermentable sugars in a short time.

A disadvantage of this is the high viscosity of mashes thus resulting in low alcoholic mashes. Furthermore, the yeast is stressed due to the high osmotic pressure in the mash.


The invented process carries out a simultaneous saccarification and fermentation. A cold grain-water mixture is dispered to a homogenous mash. During this process step the temperature rises to fermentation temperature.

Enzymes and yeast are added to the mash and are fermented. In tests, wheat mashes reached 14.5 percentage by volume, resulting in 128 LA/ton of mash and up to 396 LA/ton of grain. The grainstorm mashing process allows a new combination of energy streams in the distillery.

Commercial Opportunities

  • Combined mashing and fermentation
  • Speeding up the cycle time

Development Status

Technology Readiness Level 4: Technology validated in relevant environment


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