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BayPAT technology receives prestigious ISPO award 2017

Feb 17, 2017

BayPAT, a full-service technology management provider that helps to identifying commercially promising inventions, protecting associated intellectual property, and marketing it to the industry to ultimately turn inventions into products, today announced that one of its technologies received the prestigious ISPO AWARD 2017. The award-winning technology has been invented at the Technical University of Munich and licensed to Avalanche Float by BayPAT to complement the company’s avalanche safety kit Resero XV for snowboards. Resero XV allows riders to release their snowboards when caught in avalanches.

The in-licensed technology provides an outstanding addition to avalanche airbags and may help to reduce the risk of serious injuries and significantly increases the chance of survival for avalanche victims. Upon activating the emergency device, Resero XV triggers a pyrotechnical release of the snowboard and may send an emergency signal, including the current coordinates of the rider, to an emergency service.

“We congratulate the team of Avalanche Float for receiving this important price awarded by the international main exhibition for sport business. It’s another great example of cutting-edge technology that has been invented in Bavarian’s Universities and transformed into products that significantly improve safety of all of us” Dr. Robert Phelps, BayPAT’s Chief Executive Officer said.

About Avalanche Float Solutions GmbH

Founded in 2013, Avalanche Float Solutions has an office in Munich, Germany and Verbier, Switzerland. It is focused solely on building products that help improve the safety of outdoor enthusiasts. Resero XV and Resero Whistle, the company's first products to market, have been developed with Xavier de Le Rue, co-founder and multiple freeride world tour champion.

Resero Whistle (ISPO brand new finalist) is an easy to activate wearable built for extreme conditions, it enables the user to send a direct emergency message with exact GPS coordinates to the closest rescue services and to chosen friends or family in the case of an accident or getting lost in the mountains, ensuring rapid recovery.

Resero XV (ISPO product award winner) is a solution to counter the anchor effect of a snowboard in the event of an avalanche, developed in partnership with ABS-Airbag.

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